Camp Péniel is in the throes of a new launch: new staff, new kitchen, and a new coat of paint in the lounge. God honours the work of everyone. In fact, the reservations for the 2011 season are very encouraging. There are still openings in April and May for group reservations for those who wish to take advantage of the spring weather and who are thinking of personal renewal and personal resourcing in any area of life.

Why not commit yourself to one day a year of volunteer work at the camp? One day per year may not seem like much, but it would be most appreciated by the members of the staff.

A unique way of involving youth is to attend the camp organized by MCC Quebec that runs from July 24 to July 30, 2011. All may participate because Camp Péniel belongs to the  « The Financial Assistance Program for accessibility to holiday camps ». (Programme d’assistance financière à l’accessibilité aux camps de vacances).

Contact us for information !

We look forward to meeting you.

Pierre Pellerin
Coordinator of development at Camp Péniel