Our Vision and mission


Our vision

Our vision is a description of how we see the services of The Quebec Association of Mennonite Brethren Churches (AEFMQ). It is the expression of our expectations for the future that lies just beyond the “horizon” of our present stage of strategic planning.

Five years from now, we shall be able to ascertain if our Churches and the agencies of the Association (AEFMQ) will be better focused, in better health and development and will serve God and their beneficiaries with passion and a renewed zeal for their Christian mission.

 Our mission

A statement of mission is a condensed version of the strategic objectives of the Association (AEFMQ). It proves its value as it accomplishes these objectives.

Usually, one sentence adequately resumes the statement of mission and identifies the areas of orientation, the beneficiaries and the sites of operation.

 The Administrative body of the Association may review the statement yearly. The statement may be edited from time to time to reflect any alterations deemed necessary as needs and possibilities change.

 The mission of the Association (AEFMQ) is to contribute to the development of the Mennonite Brethren Church in the greater Montreal area, and thus establish an Evangelical Anabaptist presence in the province of Quebec. 

The Association (AEFMQ) will carry out this mission in three different areas:

•          The health and the strengthening of the Churches;
•          Leadership training and development;
•          Christian Mission (proclamation and compassion)
            In all the above, seeking to honour God.